071A9885My name is Patience Ozokwor and my fans call me Mama G and I say G for general and my action when am shooting a movie is Mama G, we have families where we come from, African culture is extended family system so we all come from extended families for that matter, more people knows you than you think, because somebody who knows me knows another person and they will always speaks for me “no that woman is not what you think she is in a movie” so that’s another way of to tell people know that there is a different between me Patience Ozokwor and whatever role I act in the movie, what I act in the movie is a character of somebody else, am playing somebody else’s life but outside the movie I play my own life because live is all about acting, you are an actor without knowing it, when you wake up from the bed in the morning you are already acting, waking up from bed you are acting, going to do your morning chose like brushing your teeth, taking your bath is all acting. When am acting a movie I play the life of the character and after movie I play my own live…………….

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